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What is a tabi?
The tabi is a style of footwear with a split toe that dates back to 15th Century Japan when it was originally designed as a split-toe cotton sock to be worn with geta, orwooden sandals. Our tabi is an eco-friendly take on a time-honored classic, with all the comfort and style of a modern shoe.

Are your shoes unisex?

Why doesn’t the tabi come in my size?
If your size falls outside the range we’re currently offering will you please let us know? Email us at DM@ILYSM.COM. We would love to expand our size range when we get enough interest. 

How does the sizing run?
Our tabis are true to size, so we suggest taking your normal size. Our tabi is designed to allow for more mobility of the foot, so a proper fit will not have a strong feeling of compression like some other "sock" style shoes. The upper will conform to your foot with wear. After extended wear, you can shrink up the shoe in the wash (don’t forget to remove the insole first).

What if my feet are wide?
Due to the flexible 3d-knit upper, most customers can order true to size even with wide feet!

Why does it cost that much to ship to my country?
We previously had more global shipping options pre-covid, but we didn’t like the prolonged transit time - often without tracking and packages not being delivered - so switched to our current offering. We want to make sure your orders get to you, and this is the most reliable option right now. Once conditions improve we will absolutely look at offering more affordable global shipping options in the future. Thanks for understanding! 💚

Do I have to wear socks with my tabi?
We designed our tabi sneakers so that they could be worn barefoot. Our insole and lining materials have anti-microbial properties, and the insole is removable so you can throw the shoe (minus insole) into the wash to freshen them up. For those of you that cannot go without socks, we make those!

How do I take care of my tabis?
It’s super easy - just throw 'em in the washing machine! We made sure that the insole is removable and hand washable as a first line of defense when it's time to clean your tabis. After you’ve removed your insole, place your whole shoe in the wash - treat it like a sweater. Wash on delicate cycle in cold water. We recommend a gentle detergent and tumble dry on low or air dry in a warm, sunny place.

Can I wear my tabi socks with flip flops?
Why not? Go ahead.

What is ILYSM?
ILYSM stands for "I Love You So Much". It’s a brand started by friends to support emerging artists by producing unique products, projects, and parties.

Can I return or exchange my order?
Yes, we accept returns or exchanges on like new, unworn shoes within 30 days after your order is delivered. Please click HERE to start a return or exchange. Returns are generally processed within 14 days and your credit card may take 1-2 billing cycles to reflect the refund. If you have any questions, you can email us at

Are they vegan?

Some are! We sell vegan and silk tabis and we note which tabis are vegan in their product descriptions.

What are your tabis made out of?
The vegan tabis are either knit from recycled water bottles or polyester and elastic. The silk tabis are made with a blend of recycled polyester, viscose, and silk yarn. All of our tabis are 3d-knit.

Will you restock?
We release all of our tabis in limited edition drops and once it's gone it's gone. You can see what’s coming soon on our RELEASE CALENDAR. You can also stay tuned on our social media, email and SMS channels for info on future restock announcements and further drops.

Why isn’t my promo code working?
We’re not sure, but we really want you to get your discount so email us at DM@ILYSM.COM and we’ll look into it!

When will my order arrive?
Once you place an order it generally ships next business day or two at most, and you can expect your order between 2-6 business days.

What if my package has been lost?
We don’t anticipate this happening, but sometimes your package doesn’t make it to you, whether due to shipping delays because of inclement weather and COVID19 restrictions or porch pirates. Once the package leaves us, it’s under the liability of the shipping carrier and can be subject to issues outside of our control. If there are shipping delays or errors feel free to contact the shipping carrier or us, as we’ll always do our best to help.

Still have questions? Email us at DM@ILYSM.COM