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Meow! ILYSM got cozy with our furry friends Teddy and Troy where we learned how to master the perfect photo and unlocked the secrets behind teaching your cat to high-five!

How did you Teddy & Troy find each other? What's the origin story?

We havetwo cats, Teddy and Troy. Teddy is the Scottish Fold, and Troy is the light orange tabby. Teddy joined us first. We lived in San Francisco at the time, and Teddy actually flew all the way from New York! He had to take a pet-specific flight when he was just 3-4 months old. Thankfully, everything went well with the flight, and the people who worked at the airport could not stop adoring him.

 Troy joined us from a rescue group in Pleasanton, California. We were looking for a friend for Teddy, and we looked for months and months until we found Troy. We fell in love from the first time we saw Troy, but it didn't go so well with Teddy at first.There's even a video of Teddy smacking Troy's little head lol.. But they've been friends ever since...or at least they tolerate each other.

What is your favorite activity to play with Teddy?

Nowadays, Teddy prefers to relax, take naps, or watch TV with us. While he doesn't understand what's going on, he likes sitting next to us, while we watch a TV or a movie. When he was younger, Teddy really liked playing with this one fishing rod toy that came with a blue koi fish toy at the end. He played with it so much that the fish broke. It lost its eyes, fish, and everything else.

What's the most distinctive characteristic feature about Teddy that you find sets them apart from most cats?

Teddy learns tricks very quickly!

Teddy can give a high five jump through a hoopring a service bell, roll around, and he can even fetch sometimes (but only when he feels like doing it).

The first trick that he learned was to give a high five. We used the clicker method that we saw on YouTube, and Teddy learned and mastered it in less than a week!

 Any tips for people looking to adopt a cat?

I would say one unusual tip is: try spending a few hours with an adult cat (whether it's your neighbor's, your friend's, or through fostering). It's so easy to fall in love with kittens (because they're SO small and cute!), but one thing to keep in mind is that in about 6 months or so, these kittens are going to grow up. Their personality might change too, so try hanging out with an older cat first. Another good one is: once you have a cat or a kitten with you, start (safely) trimming their nails as soon as possible, so they'll get used to the process.

Do you have any tips you'd recommend for getting a good photo of your pet?

Timing is everything for us! Get to know the best time that works with your pets. With Teddy, it's better to do a photoshoot with him before he eats. After he's full, Teddy tends to get moody, because he just wants to take a nap! With Troy, it's the opposite! Troy prefers taking photos after a meal, because he's more calm with a full belly.

Favorite cat snack recommendation?

Teddy LOVES the dry kibble from Dr Elsey's. Whenever we get them, we have to hide them right away. This is because on two occasions, Teddy actually clawed through the box to get into the kibbles in the middle of the night! He just likes them so much.

Troy oddly loves pumpkin puree. Our vet once told us to give a little bit of pet-safe pumpkin puree to the cats when they have stomach issues. Teddy wasn't a fan—but Troy always asks for more pumpkin puree, directly from the pouch! Fun fact, not sure if this has anything to do with it, but Troy’s name at the shelter was “Pumpkin”.

What are you currently in love with?

The last show we watched together was Squid Game on Netflix (Don't worry—Teddy's eyes were closed during the bad scenes). Troy is not one to sit through a whole movie or a TV show. He's more of an adventurous one. The last movie we watched together was the new Lion King. We even reenacted that popular scene with Teddy. 


*Harry wears the ILYSM Tabi in Hydrangea and Camel Stripe

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