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ILYSM emailed with artist, SiiGii about establishing their own genre of artwork and the importance of maintaining creative intimacy.


I love how you refer to your artistic medium as "body extensions" - for those that are just being introduced to your work, can you explain this phrasing?

My artwork is performed by the body, and not to be confused for garments, my pieces express concepts that originate in the body and mind. Therefore the body itself is carrying something that is an extension of its existence, making this concept or experience visual. 


What was the first body extension piece you made?

I made body extensions for my graduation collection while studying fashion design, but I wasn't conscious of it yet. My vision never fit in the traditional fashion world, and it took some time, awareness and courage to create my own path outside of it. 

How has your work evolved since then?

As soon as I realized I didn't have to create within any rules, and let go of the ways that were not fulfilling me, I started to create my own path. I started to listen to myself and my desires and since then it has been a really unique flourishing. My work now lives in a really interesting world of its own.

What is inspiring you right now?

Human inner power, energy projection and the concept of being endless.

On your site you mention, "one pair of hands should carry the work from visualization to construction" - what influenced this philosophy?

Not two pairs of hands have the same energy, not same touch, not same brain. The moment you delegate a step of creation to someone else, I believe the piece could be leaking power. Unless it is a very technical step. When I create I feel I am giving birth to this art through my hands, I feel the power and magic. It is a very beautiful and painful process that I try to keep as intimate as possible, and I believe that reflects in the work.

It is a powerful exercise to practice confidence and intimacy while creating your art. Believe in your vision and instincts, let yourself exist in your pure essence. 

Outside of the actual construction of your artwork - your choice of placement in relation to the garment and its relation to the space around you is very fascinating? How do you plan your shoots, what is your collaboration with the photographers shooting you like?

When I am creating the artwork I already see it's whole universe and how it should perform or project in the space to carry the concept and tell the story. I always have very clear angles and moments I must capture. I love to have a good talk with the photographer prior to the day and share the vision I have for the shoot, explain the angles I want, and share any important emotions tied to the shoot. It is very important for me to feel the photographer is in sync with me, especially if I am performing the piece. 

What's next for you and how can the ILYSM community support you?

I am transitioning into sculpture for my next body of work. It happened naturally and I am very excited to tap into the traditional art world while still carrying my bold fashion roots.
Hi ILYSM community! you could support me by following me on instagram @is_siigii where you will see all future new work and all news related! xoxoxoxo