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ILYSM chatted with artist and activist Katherine Powers, about the power of creating intention behind actions of all size and how to stay artistically connected during the pandemic.
What is your definition of love?


The current definition I’m working with is sticking with something and continuing to work through the good, the bad, and the ugly. I think there is a lot of work in real love, and I think it has to be an active endeavor if that makes sense. I’m personally applying this to both my love for my career and my love for my partner, family, and friends. Being involved in relationships like these can’t be passive, I’ve got to actively work on myself and bring the best version of myself to the table. That’s what makes a good, strong love. My grandad used to say “every day you’re living you should be learning, and every day you’re learning you should be living.” I’ve been thinking about that a lot these days, I think that is a great way to love too. 

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How do you stay connected to your art?

I’ve actually struggled a lot with this during this pandemic. I’ve always been a creative person who is constantly immersed in my art, but when a huge portion of that was taken away from me I honestly had no idea what to do. My focus switched to survival instead of nurturing my creativity. I was very privileged in the fact that I was able to come out of that survival mode and take time to actually consider what “my art” encompassed. I realized I don’t need to be on stage or in front of a camera to be active in my art and a valid artist. Just the way that I process and move through the world is constantly informing my art. It was also super beneficial to experiment with forms of art outside of acting and dancing. I’ve always been big on paining, but I’m also like a pro at needlepoint now, and that’s something I never thought I’d say.

Do you have any new rituals that have helped you during the pandemic? Or any new frameworks you've applied to your life?

Yes! Over the pandemic I realized that I neededsome type of framework to be a remotely functioning human being. I’ve struggled with ADHD my whole life and creating and sticking to regiment can be a challenge, so I realized I had to start small. I’ve been trying to incorporate a block of creativity, physical activity, and rest/self care into each day. And they can be small in practice, like taking a breath to sit on the couch and text my mom, or taking a short online dance class. I’ve just found that having intention behind even these small actions has made me feel more grounded in my life. 

Last thing that made you laugh out loud?

My partner, Shaun. He pretty much gives me a minimum of one massive belly laugh per day, usually more. I can’t even remember the exact last thing we laughed about. I think probably something about the episode of Bachelor in Paradise we were watching last night. We share an unhealthy love for trashy reality tv shows. Laughter is definitely the best medicine and I am so thankful to spend each day with a partner who can make me laugh as much as Shaun does. 

Trait you value most in others?

The ability to create a safe space and the willingness to learn and better one’s self. 

Trait you value most in yourself?

Perseverance. I think that’s the name of the game as an artist and human being. Keep going, keep creating, keep learning, no matter what. 

How can the ILYSM community support you or any platforms/orgs you are involved with?

Women’s Prison Association - - Incarceration effects Black and brown individuals at a significantly higher rate than white folks. This organizations helps empower women effected by injustice and incarceration and redefine their lives.

Planned Parenthood - - Individuals reproductive rights are being threatened throughout the United States, reproductive health care should be available for all at their own choosing. 

The Trevor Project- - “The leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ+) young people under 25”

Katherine Powers is and artist and activist born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. As an actor, dancer, choreographer, and teacher, Katherine spends her time exploring her creative boundaries and seeing how their art can impact the world around them.

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