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ILYSM caught up with New York based photographer and recent ILYSM collaborator, Drew Duruji to discuss their artistic process and creative inspiration. 

Your pictures have such a presence to them - as a viewer, one really feels connected to a moment. What is your process like when you are shooting - is there something you are looking for or do you find your process to be more organic?

I’ll say it’s more organic. I’m very observant and like to catch people reactions or nice colors. But other than that I just like documenting my friends.
Our community is made up by a lot of younger artists, and we are always interested in sharing how other artists got their start. What is your relationship like with photography, and how did you get started?

I started because my friend Justin shoots film. Around that time we was hanging out a lot. So one day he let me hold his camera for a day and I got hooked ever since. I went and got my own camera.

You shoot predominantly on film - can you walk us through that aesthetic choice in an age of digital culture?

I really just like the way film looks. It gives it a vintage more raw but still clean look.


What or who is inspiring your work right now?

My friends inspire me. I mentioned Justin @justin.marianobut my friend Yatta @yattabombata is another person.


What can the ILYSM community look forward to seeing of yours, and how can we continue to support you?

Y’all can look out for more film photography, I’m also getting into shooting and editing videos right now. I want to make a photo book. Then there’s my music side. I have a couple beat tapes out. “In Search Of” and “Zen” on all streaming platforms. But the community can continue to support me but just following me @_icekream so you’re updated on everything that I am doing. If you like it share it.