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ILYSM commissioned videos from the ever-talented comedian extraordinaire Ana McCasland. We were delighted to chat with Ana and discover more about her process and the value of finding your own creative voice...



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THANK YOU FOR MAKING US LAUGH. Damn, did we need it. What was the inspiration behind your latest characters in the videos you created?

My inspiration for these videos were those wild “life hack” videos that are often circulating around TikTok. Recently a news piece dropped that those videos are fetish content? I can promise mine are not (unless you are into them).

What has it been like to collaborate with ILYSM?

It has been a wonderful experience truly. Between bouncing ideas off once another, and just feeling supported as a fellow female artist, it is always pleasant and exciting to work with ILYSM.

A lot of our community is made up of emerging artists. We value your transparency in the creative process! What was the most helpful advice you received when getting started in comedy?

I can’t believe I’m going to say this because it’s so corny that even Kansas is sick of it: be yourself! You are going to often feel like your voice needs to sound like another comedian’s, but there is a lot of value in the unique jokes and stories you have to tell. Also get involved in your local comedy scene! Go to open mics! Make friends! Comedy can be selfish at times, but I earnestly believe comedians enjoy helping one another grow.

What most recently has made you laugh the hardest?

Sometimes I will scroll through Zack Fox’s Twitter and Instagram and truly get lost in laughter. That man is above anyone else in insane content. 

What can we look forward to seeing of yours, anything new in the works?

Due to COVID I took a bit of a step back from live preforming. I’m currently trying to find a new outlet for my comedy. Videos and small web comics have been my current form of performing!

How can our community continue to support you?

So right now I would just say you can keep up with me on my Instagram @anamccoolguy! If you like anime and TikTok @hokageofdepression is where I post content related to my nerdy second life. 

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