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Tell us about yourself and how you help bring ILYSM’s vision to life?

I'm Alex and I'm the CEO if Highline Commerce, an ecommerce distribution center located in Chelsea Manhattan. I'm originally from Vermont and my main passions are outdoor sports, so naturally I moved to NYC... I play a lot of basketball too so it balances out. I'm helping bring ILYSM's vision to life by shipping all of the Tabi orders out! We help the ILYSM team make sure that everyone gets the right Tabis in time!

You seem to be a master of productivity, were you always this organized?

I wish that was true... Our team communicates really well and we all take good notes. I rely heavily on everyone to keep me on track!

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What tools help you stay focused?

I make a lot of lists. Every morning I write down the most important things that have to get done. I check this whenever I'm feeling lost and I get right back on track.

What app are you currently in love with?

JOKR. You can get your groceries delivered in 15 minutes or less. The prices are better than the grocery store too!

How is fitness a part of your productivity? 

I have to stay fit to run around the warehouse all day. I stretch ever morning and work out 5 times a week to make sure I'm ready to handle the crazy days of lifting boxes.

Do you have any simple exercises you do daily that you could recommend to someone starting out that easy and habit forming?

I love to do a few push-ups whenever my brain feels sluggish. Sometimes its just 2 or 3, sometimes its 15. There are a ton of variations for how you do them so you can adjust to your ability level.

What is your last favorite purchase?

I bought a mouse with a track ball for my thumb. I can stand away from my computer and scroll around from anywhere!

Follow Alex on IG @aromac11 and Highline Commerce @highlinecommerce

*Alex is wearing the ILYSM Tabi in Asphalt