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ILYSM got a close up with photographer and dancer Ryan Feng to chat about the best (and worst) parts of LA, tiktok dances, and whether or not matching sweat suits are a serve or not. Give it a read!
ILYSM got physical with Muay Thai and Jiujitsu Champion Gianna Smith. We talked the benefits of self defense, how to stay disciplined, and the secret combination of salsa, bachata, and Jiujitsu
We talked with recent ILYSM4Artists commission winner Vanessa Dos Santos about the color green, the need (or lack thereof) for fancy gear, and what happens when you're a photographer who has to work on a play
We chatted with BFFs Drok and Glenn about being birthday twins, balancing jewelry-making with music making, and how to get the perfect fit for your (out)fit!
Check out ILYSM's studio visit with Bailey Hikawa, a sculptural phone case designer with a cult following that includes Trixie Mattel, Lena Dunham, and Janicza Bravo.
We had a colorfully cool conversation with our ILYSM giveaway star Marianna Phillips (aka Weird Little Lines)! Click the link and read all about eyeballs on shoes, nature as a teacher, and blue footed boobies. Read all about it!
ILYSM had a scintillating convo with photographer Klare Perez on prettifying the ILYSM tabi, leg modeling, portraiture, and getting your start at Chipotle
ILYSM sat down with photographer Chris Burgueno and talked solo travel tips, portrait photography, and his upcoming projects!
We at ILYSM are SO excited to announce our doodle-licious, Saturday morning cartoons, and VHS ready Tabi Sock collaboration with the magical Brianna Miller! (now available on VHS). Drawing inspiration from the Smurfs, vintage 70s puffy stickers, and Care Bears, you can kick up your sock game with two adorable colorways "Foot Friends" and "Eyeballs."
As part of our ILYSM4Artists commission, we partnered with multi-disciplinary artist Grace Insogna @disssgrace for our first Tabi Sock collaboration! We were super excited to add some of Grace's signature vibrant colors and patterns to our tabi socks!!
Gordon Parks was the first artist but the first specific picture was Blue Black Boy by Carrie Mae Weems. It was the first time I looked at a photograph of a black person that wasn’t solely based on their skin color. The picture and series make race obsolete for the viewer and I think that’s empowering for young black creatives. Making art for people's personal experience instead of art solely based on race based experiences.
We're fighting winter burnout with one of our favorite designers, Josefina Valdes from Scent. We uncovered Josefina's tips for staying creatively hydrated and the importance of carving one's own sacred space.
ILYSM had a conversation with the incredible and inspiring Khalil Greene, Yale University's first Black student body president in its 319-year history. We chatted overcoming anxiety, the importance of a to do list, and the most soothing Mariah Carey song.
Meow! ILYSM got cozy with our furry friends Teddy and Troy where we learned how to master the perfect photo and unlocked the secrets behind teaching your cat to high-five!